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Techno Test Group provides bodywork and paint services in the northern region, for vehicles after an accident, and for vehicles that require maintenance. Our professional team is experienced in bodywork and paint services, and it does so efficiently and professionally while maintaining a clean and modern vehicle appearance.

Technotest Branches

These services are essential for those who wish to drive a vehicle with a preserved appearance, and also for those who wish to quickly sell their vehicle and increase its value through paint and bodywork. Our company has hundreds of satisfied private and business clients whose vehicles have undergone bodywork and paint services at one of our branches.

Why Perform Bodywork and Paint Services at Techno Test?

Every day, Techno Test accompanies hundreds of satisfied clients who leave our facilities with vehicles that look brand new, after undergoing quality bodywork and paint services. Our services are fast, professional, adapted to the type of vehicle and provided nationwide.
In addition, we provide paint and bodywork services for vehicles after an accident and we accept all types of insurance, because Techno Test's facilities are regulated garages. Our facilities are open from seven in the morning until seven in the evening, and we are available for you during all working hours.
Bodywork and paint for the vehicle are critical, especially when you are interested in selling the car. It is advised to undergo bodywork and paint services within a reasonable time in order not to get to a situation where the vehicle has developed rust. We will be able to provide you with the most comprehensive, professional and fast service so that you can enjoy your aesthetically-pleasing and refurbished vehicle in no time and most importantly - at minimum cost.

Painting and repair per part (door, bumper, fender, etc.) starting at NIS 299.

Coverage for Bodywork and Paint Damage Following an Accident

Many drivers are familiar with the situation of an accident that requires vehicle repair. Accidents of this type are usually not particularly serious and do not completely disable the vehicle. Therefore, it is important to know how to act when it comes to coverage in a case of bodywork and paint damage:

In the case of an accident, it is important to first make sure that no one is hurt. If someone is injured, contact rescue services immediately and notify the police.

If the accident does not involve any injuries or casualties, and you notice that your vehicle has been damaged, it is important to first exchange details with the other driver who was involved in the accident.

In addition, the scene of the incident must be documented and the vehicle that was hit must be photographed.
If the vehicle has been damaged due to a hazard on the road it is important to document the location of the accident and photograph the area where the incident occurred.

If parts of the vehicle have fallen off, they must be kept and presented to the insurance company's vehicle appraiser.
Once you have contacted your insurance company, a representative of the company will refer you to a regulated garage.

Techno Test Group is a regulated garage that will expertly take care of your vehicle. If you have been involved in a case of this type - you are welcome to contact us and we will guide you through every stage until the vehicle is repaired and restored to mint condition.

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