Front Adjustment

On this page you will get essential information about front direction.
Front direction is a service usually required when the driver notices vibrations in the steering wheel and instability of the vehicle. In such cases, if there is no shortage of wheels in the air, you should go to the institute closest to you for the appropriate treatment.

Technotest Branches

The Techno Test Group provides front adjustment services at a variety of facilities nationwide. The company's experienced professionals provide expert and accurate services while using the most advanced equipment.

The Techno Test Group has automated and accurate systems, authorization from insurance companies, and highly experienced employees in all areas related to vehicles. You can undergo an examination and perfect a car front adjustment at our facilities, whether you have a privately-owned vehicle or a company car.

At our facilities, which are spread all throughout the country, you can receive a variety of services at one spot and perform a front adjustment in a perfect and accurate manner that will allow you travel safely in your vehicle for lengthy periods of time.

Front Adjustment, why perform one with the Techno Test Group?

Hundreds of clients today use the services of the Techno Test Group, including front adjustment services that help with vehicle stability and safer driving. So why should you perform such an adjustment with the Techno Test Group?

  •  The front adjustment is designed to restore the vehicle’s stability.

    At the Techno Test Group, we specialize in checking the car’s front and detecting problems if they exist.

  • We use systems with the most advanced wireless sensors in the world.
  • Our facilities are authorized by all insurance companies in Israel.
  •  We have extensive experience fixing front adjustment-related problems as well as in providing services for private and business vehicles.
  • Our facilities are operated by experienced employees.
  • Our prices, including the cost of a front adjustment, are among the best in the country.

Techno Test - the most advanced and state-of-the-art equipment!

The Techno Test group uses the most advanced equipment for front adjustment.
The front adjustment is performed by professional workers and with advanced devices manufactured by Hunter.

The equipment we use consists of systems with wireless sensors that allow for accurate and safe front adjustment.
Our advanced gear helps make the work accurate and efficient, allowing you to enjoy a stable vehicle that drives smoothly.

And what about the cost?

When it comes to front adjustment costs, we at Techno Test provide the lowest and most affordable prices. The initial examination is usually performed for free and if additional services are required, the price is particularly low at NIS 160 (price for a private car, does not include VAT).
The front adjustment, despite its low price, is expertly performed by a computerized front adjustment system suitable for four-wheel drive vehicles.

Where can I find the service?

Front adjustment services are performed at our three main branches: Haifa in the city , Tirat HaCarmel and Or Akiva. In these facilities you can find additional car services, all of which are performed on the spot by our experienced professionals.

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