Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

A pre-purchase vehicle inspection is a service provided by Technotest, whose function is to enable technical information regarding the vehicle you are about to purchase. This service is obligatory and it is provided in order to prevent the acquisition of a faulty vehicle which might cause many expenses, clatter and bitter disappointment. The Technotest Group enables this service while emphasizing professionalism and reliability, and ensuring that the inspection is carried out by means of the most advanced devices in the world. Our devices, with the combination of a professional staff, allow an accurate inspection that will localize any substantive fault or malfunction existent in the vehicle!
The services are provided for all types of vehicles, for private and business customers.

Technotest Branches

Not everyone can afford to purchase a vehicle directly from the importing company, therefore, when we buy a second-hand vehicle, it is worthwhile to carry out a pre-purchase vehicle inspection, in order to examine it and uncover any malfunction before carrying out the acquisition. Purchasing a vehicle without carrying out a pre-purchase vehicle inspection can cause later on unnecessary expenditure on future repairs and problems.

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Equipment

  • A dynamometer that accelerates the vehicle up to 100 km/h in order to examine the engine and automatic transmission's behavior in real-time (Acceleration Simulation mode).
  • A mini-line whose function is to carry out a computerized inspection of the steering system, inclusive of deviation tests, inclinations, imbalance as well as an inspection of the brake system. It also includes special equipment intended to shake the vehicle and examine the shock absorbers systems.
  • The vehicle's inspection in a full licensing track that includes an air pollution test (a probe taking air samples is placed inside the tailpipe to collect information on the vehicle’s emission of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide).
  • The equipment meets the most stringent standards existent in licensing center networks, and this according to surveys carried out annually by the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety.
  • The employees of the Technotest Group undergo an annual polygraph test and any employee who does not pass the test will cease working for the Company.
  • The employees of the Technotest Group undergo once a month a special training within the purchase inspection field.
  • Some of the Company's employees fly abroad in order to participate in trainings.


Where can One Receive this Service?

A pre-purchase vehicle inspection is carried out in all our nationwide spread branches.

In our branches, one can receive pre-purchase vehicle inspection as well as an abundance of additional services, such as: passing a vehicle licensing test, vehicle alignment, spare parts replacement and diverse garage services for different vehicle models. In order to comprehend which branch suits you, you can enter into our branch list, select a branch and arrive there with the vehicle you desire to purchase.

What are the Advantages of Carrying Out Purchase Inspections at Technotest's Branches?

  • The "Inspector Checking Inspector" method, uniquely utilized by Technotest, in which two inspectors examine the vehicle, since four eyes are better than two. Likewise, this method prevents any possibility of conflict of interest between the inspector and the vehicle's seller.
  • Guarantee – Technotest provides a 6-month guarantee for the inspection.
  • Advanced equipment – our inspection devices are advanced and accurate.
  • Numerous branches – a variety of nationwide spread branches – so it is quite easy to reach any place throughout Israel for a vehicle inspection.
  • An individual service – our service is a personal service and it is provided individually and accurately for each and every customer.

Reliability and Years of Experience

We at Technotest, know that reliability and experience are two essential points when it comes to pre-purchase vehicle inspections. We invest in the highest and best technology in order to locate in real-time malfunctions and faults within the vehicles we inspect, using our vast experience and reliability. We undertake to provide you with a pre-purchase vehicle inspection that will not miss any part in the vehicle under examination.

A Sample Inspection Results Report

Before acquiring a used vehicle, it is highly recommended to carry out a pre-purchase vehicle inspection in an authorized licensing center. This inspection includes an assessment of the vehicle's condition in terms of its existent systems, such as the brake system, the steering system, the vehicle's chassis (frame), the gearbox and the engine. The vehicle will be inspected by a certified tester and other professionals in visual, mechanical and computerized manners.

The vehicle's mechanical condition will raise datum such as: engine function and power, the brakes efficiency, wheel balancing, gas emission rate and more. The computerized inspection produces scan reports which document the vehicle's current condition in detail and using this information, it is possible to locate concealed faults and malfunctions.

Following are sample computerized reports:

  • Chassis (frame) investigation report – the report aims to examine whether any damages exist in the vehicle's chassis. A computerized scan is carried out, which can reveal unexposed damages and strokes. There can be a case in which a vehicle underwent a harsh accident and damage was caused to the chassis, yet the vehicle owner decided to perform solely metal works and repairs, such that superficially no damage is visible. This report will uncover concealed damages as well.
  • Brake characteristics report - a report that examines the engine's performance, gear switching in accordance with the engine's required power and velocity, the correspondence between the engine's power flow (intake), the transmission system and their links to the wheel system.
  • Suspension geometric report (rear and front) – the report is obtained after scanning the steering system, wheels' suspensions, shock absorbers, wheels and tires. Any malfunction in any of these systems can put the vehicle's passengers in mortal danger. Early detection of such faults and their timely repair can prevent a disaster.
  • Braking forces examination report – during the vehicle's examination, the vehicle is put under diverse conditions and its braking powers and capabilities are examined according to every situation encountered in the front and rear braking systems.
  • Parallelism (axles hinges) examination report – this is a very important inspection since it deals with the coordination and parallelism between the vehicle's wheels which are connected by means of axles, in order for the vehicle to be able to carry out basic actions such as: driving, braking, accelerating and performing appropriate right and left rotations. If the report uncovers any faults, they must be repaired immediately.
  • Air pollution examination report – by means of this examination it is possible to locate four different types of polluting gases that may be emitted by the vehicle. These gases may harm the environment. The vehicle must comply with the permissible standard for pollutants emission.
  • Engine pressures examination report – the report describes the condition of the engine's pistons, the cooling system, the battery and cylinder's condition and it assists in the identification of oil leaks. Through this report it is possible to obtain an overall picture of the engine and the systems connected to it.

Full summary report – this report gathers the diverse datum that were obtained during the comprehensive inspection, weighs them and produces a general report which aims to provide an overall picture regarding the vehicle and its systems' current condition. The report details the sections that were examined and the vehicle's intactness or the faults and malfunctions that were found, including a verbal detailing and repair recommendations or a detailing regarding any repair that was carried out in the past.

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