Vehicle Licensing Tests

In Israel, every vehicle is required to undergo a periodic inspection (a vehicle licensing test) once a year, which certifies the vehicle's intactness, as well as the safety of the driver, the passengers and the vehicles surrounding it. The Technotest Group is in possession of a network of vehicle licensing centers (vehicle licensing tests) along with opulent experience and efficiency that make the Group prominent within this industry. The vehicle licensing centers are uniquely available to the customers from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM and owing to the technological advantages as well as the multiplicity of lanes in the vehicle licensing centers, the waiting times are significantly lower compared with the competitors.

Technotest Branches

Advantages in Performing a Vehicle Licensing Test at Technotest

  • Experience – our Company possesses over 40 years of experience within the automotive industry.
  • Numerous customers – we have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who return year after year.
  • Numerous experienced employees - in order for you to receive a rapid service, we employ hundreds of professional and experienced employees.
  • All the services under one roof – in Technotest's branches, you will be able to receive all the necessary vehicle services in a single place.
  • Vehicle inspection and preparation for a vehicle licensing test – the Company's experienced employees are experts at examining and preparing vehicles for licensing tests.

Important to know - for vehicle owners in the State of Israel only:

Vehicles aged 15 years and above are required to undergo a brake system inspection in a licensed garage before the vehicle licensing test. Older vehicles, aged 19 and above – are required to exhibit an aged vehicle certificate as well as undergo a vehicle licensing test twice a year.

As is well known, it is worthwhile to undergo a vehicle licensing test nearby your home, and this in order to maintain maximum comfort while performing the vehicle licensing process. To this end, we have deployed our branches in several key locations in Israel, ensuring that they are open from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM, for your convenience.

Where are the Branches of Technotest Located?

Our branches are spread throughout Israel. They are comfortable, equipped with the most advanced facilities and they employ solely skilled professionals. All the branches of Technotest provide services to vehicles of any type.

Among the Services Provided by the Company:

  • Open from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM.
  • A vehicle licensing test within 7 minutes.
  • Pre-purchase vehicle inspection.
  • Vehicle licensing test services at your home.
  • Obtaining an annual license.
  • Import of spare parts and more.

All the Facts Regarding Vehicle Licensing Tests

There are many details which are unknown by vehicle owners regarding their vehicles, particularly concerning the annual vehicle licensing test, also known as the vehicle's fitness test or "test". It is worthwhile to check several things before running to test the vehicle. The vehicle may have been purchased a year ago, or maybe it is an old vehicle or a specific model that requires a fitness test under different conditions or at a different frequency. Many garages may "prepare" or examine the vehicle in preparation for the oncoming vehicle licensing test in return for an appropriate payment, but they do not inform the customer if it turned out that the vehicle does not require the fitness test at all. To this end, we have compiled some information and explanations for you concerning the manner in which you must handle different situations.


How Often Should a Vehicle Undergo a Vehicle Licensing Test (a Fitness Test)?

Most of the vehicles in Israel must undergo a fitness test once a year, which must be performed before the date in which the vehicle hit the road, yet there are some exceptions:

  • A new private vehicle – is exempt from the vehicle licensing test during the first two years, but the owner is still required to pay a certain fee to the State of Israel. Please note that this exemption does not apply to vehicles intended for driving instruction or to vehicles designated for rental services.
  • A vehicle aged 15 years - a brake system inspection should be carried out in a licensed garage before the execution of the vehicle licensing test, and the exhibition of a brake certificate when the vehicle undergoes the test.
  • A vehicle aged 19 years ("an aged vehicle") – is defined as a vehicle that reached the age of 19 years since its manufacture date on its license renewal date, except for a tractor, a hauler and a bus. Nevertheless, a bus that reached the age of 15 years is required to pay a fee and undergo a fitness test twice a year in order to renew its license.

What is Actually a Vehicle Licensing Test?

A vehicle licensing test (a fitness test) is an examination carried out in an authorized licensing center in order to inspect the vehicle's intactness, following the payment of a fee and before the expiration of the vehicle's previous license. The following systems will be inspected as part of this examination: the steering system, lights, brakes, tire alignment, the vehicle's lower part and the air pollution generated by the vehicle.

* The vehicle licensing test itself requires the payment of a fee.

Is the Vehicle's Owner Himself Obliged to Arrive to the Licensing Center in order to Perform the Vehicle Licensing Test?

No, another person can be sent in order to carry out the vehicle licensing test. The vehicle's owner must fill out the power of attorney addendum attached to the vehicle's license, sign it and give it to the person who will actually take the vehicle to the test, with the addition of the owner's identity card. 

What Should Be Done in Case the Vehicle Has Not Passed the Vehicle Licensing Test?

In the event that defects were found in the vehicle, a 7-day extension will be provided in order to repair the defects and report for a repeated vehicle licensing test. During the repeated test, it is necessary to exhibit a certificate of approval from a licensed garage regarding the repair of the brake or steering system, with the addition of an invoice.

* A repeated vehicle licensing test requires the payment of an additional fee.

In the event that the defect is severe, no one is allowed to drive the vehicle until the defects have been repaired and the vehicle has successfully undergone a repeated vehicle licensing test. In this case, a "towing only" stamp is stamped on the inspection form.

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