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Vehicle Maintenance

Car care is a mandatory operation that car owners perform whether their car is new or old. Common car treatments full vehicle service treatments treatments, additional annual treatment and periodic treatments, which include all the necessary repairs to the car.

We at Techno Express place a strong emphasis on car maintenance because the services your vehicle will receive will be top notch and reliable.

We perform small services as well as full vehicle service , so what are you waiting for??

Come and take care of your car at Techno Express, 6 May St., Haifa.

Why Should I Perform Car Servicing with Techno Express Only?

  • Full warranty, including warranty repairs with all vehicle importers.
  • We wish to have you as a client for 20 years and act accordingly.
  • Fault detection equipment for all vehicle types.
  • One-stop-shop.
  • Auto-body shop.
  • Front adjustment.
  • Accident repair.

General garage chain

Periodic vehicle maintenance includes a long list of services that each deal with a particular part of the car. Such an examination includes a long series of tests to ensure the vehicle operates properly and smoothly. These tests are performed for the brakes, head and tail lights, electrical systems and wheels. Full vehicle service also among the periodic services provided and as a part of this service, the car's brakes and steering system and tires are tested as well.

In order to ensure the level of safety and proper operation of any vehicle, whether new or used, periodic maintenance must be performed at a garage authorized for vehicle services. These services can be mandatory and recommended by the manufacturer, or they may come as part of more particular or general maintenance.

Car maintenance on time

Car maintenance is a service that should not be underestimated, failure to perform vehicle maintenance on time can lead to serious car problems that will end up costing you much more than any regular service.


  • Computer and technological systems for all vehicle types.
  • Treatment for all vehicle types.
  • Automatic gear fixes.
  • Ordinary and electric motor repair.
  • Air conditioning and car electrics.


  • General mechanics.
  • Hybrid vehicle certification.
  • Ministry of Transportation garage certification (authorized garage).
  • Gasoline certification and diesel certification.

Garage advantages

  • Efficient, quick, professional and polite service.
  • Reliability, over 40 years of experience in the field.
  • Reasonable prices - customer-focused.
  • Original parts.
  • Availability - We work from 7 to 7.

Equipment and technology

  • Scanners (defect scanners) for all types of vehicles. At the company level.
    Additional services provided at the branch: Pre-purchase inspection, front adjustment, tire replacement/repair, bodywork and painting.

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